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September in the Vegetable Garden 0

Posted on August 30, 2010 by Gardening Guru

Sow What? – September

Carefully chosen flowers such as this Buddleia, will attract lots of beneficial insects to your vegetable garden

A guru I may be but predicting the future is not something I profess to be too good at.  Despite last month’s tips on the hot weather, August has not been the hottest month on record, in fact it has been quite cool.  Therefore many crops may be later ripening and some will be giving quite poor returns.  However, despite rainfall having been quite high, there is still a need to conserve water and be a little careful as September is predicted to be quite dry and warm.  Now that the children are back at school, parents may have the opportunity at last to put away garden toys and pay some attention to garden maintenance before the weather turns too cool and daylight hours too short.  We have seen quite a few hoverflies this Summer, which is great news.  Looking rather like wasps (in order to protect themselves from predators) they are quite harmless.  Hoverfly larvae like to feed on aphids and so they should be attracted to the garden by planting flowers in the vegetable plot as the adult hoverfly feeds on nectar and pollen.  We planted nicandra flowers next to our brassicas which has definitely helped our fight against the whitefly! Read the rest of this entry →

New Vegetable Seeds – July 2010 0

Posted on July 24, 2010 by Gardening Guru

We are constantly bringing new seeds into our range.  We get as bored as I am sure you do with seeing the same old stuff all the time so something new brightens things up a little.  It can take quite a while for them to find their way on to our website, though, photos loaded etc etc etc, so please bear with us.

We do  have 3 new ones one ready to go as I type this :- 2 runner beans and a new radish.  The new beans are the ‘Preisgewinner‘ and ‘Butler‘ both really good varieties, the Butler is a stringless pod and the Preisgewinner produces an extra long pod reaching up to 30cm in length.  The radish is the ‘Herbst und Winter‘ a blue/purple skin with very white flesh.

As I said we do keep bringing new seeds in and we will keep posting information in the blog but if you want to check out the new varieties then have a look at the new vegetable seeds page on our website where they are all listed.  Until they are not new anymore.

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