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Recipe Competition – Update and Apology 0

Posted on August 27, 2010 by Original Touch Seeds

It was brought to our attention yesterday that our competition entry form wasn’t working quite as it should be, which may have stopped a few of you from entering our little contest. Rest assured that our so-called ‘ technical whizz-kid’ has been soundly thrashed and sent to bed without any supper, but not before he made sure that everything was working properly this time.

Bearing that in mind, we’ve extended the entry deadline a bit longer to give everyone a fair chance of submitting an entry. If you don’t trust the official form any more then you may also use one of our other means of contact.

We apologise for any inconvenience or frustration which this may have caused to any of our readers …

The Original Touch Team

Competition Recipe Time 1

Posted on August 07, 2010 by Samantha Ford

We want your recipes.  Do you think you can do better than our Courgette Rond di Nice? Whilst it is very good we are sure that you have a few gems that you would like to share with our friends as we all need a little inspiration especially with all the vegetables we are now pulling from our plots or pots and especially when children are concerned.  We can’t ask you to do something for nothing (although that would be nice) so we have put together a prize package for any of your vegetable recipes that we print:

That is not a bad little return and all we need is your recipe, some very basic instructions and a photo.  Attach them to this competition email and we will print the best 3 both on this blog and our main Original Touch website.  In return you will receive the prize package.

All entries must be received by 31 August 2010 and winners will receive their prize within 10-days.  All seeds and soaps are selected by Original Touch.



Contact form has been removed.

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