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A Bit Of Help With Your Chard? 0

Posted on December 17, 2010 by Gardening Guru

It has to be said that Swiss Chard is a rather unusual name for a vegetable that is not native to Switzerland.  It originally comes from areas within the Mediterranean region and it is a member of the beet family.  The leaves of the chard are best cooked in the same way as you would cook spinach and they taste similar to spinach but slightly less bitter, which many people prefer, and with a stronger hint of pepper.  Lightly frying in some olive oil is great as is popping the leaves in an omelette. Read the rest of this entry →

Recipe – Courgette Ronde de Nice Soup by Samantha Ford 1

Posted on August 05, 2010 by Samantha Ford
Picture of the finished courgette soup recipe

This is no ordinary courgette soup!

It’s all very well growing all these wonderful vegetables, but what do you do with this wonderous bounty when all your hard work starts to come to fruition ?

Help is at hand, in the shape of kitchen supremo Samantha Ford, who likes nothing better than spending time devising new mouth-watering recipes prepared from her own vegetable garden.

This first recipe is very topical because it uses courgettes as its main ingredient, and we all know that once the courgette plant gets going it can challenge all but the most resourceful of cooks!

Don’t forget – we’d love to hear about your recipes and are offering free seeds for any we publish, so get in touch today!
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August on the Vegetable Garden 0

Posted on August 02, 2010 by Gardening Guru
Samantha finds time to keep an eye on her vegetables

There's always plenty to do with your vegetable plot - even in August!

Many people are inclined to ‘take their eye off the ball’ in August when it comes to vegetable gardening – The days are still long and it’s time for many of us to go off on holiday, but there’s still plenty we could be doing to maximise the potential of our vegetable plots, and there’s still time to be sowing a few vegetable seeds even in August. Read the rest of this entry →

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