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A recipe for Angel Hair Squash 0

Posted on November 03, 2011 by Samantha Ford

Spaghetti Squash Recipe – Dulce de Cidra

Cabello de Angel – Angel Hair

Once you have made this delicious sweet jam, before it disappears quickly from the fridge, try a few ways of using it in different meals, such as in dumplings, on pancakes or with ice cream.  Alternatively, you can do what the Spanish do and roll it into coiled pastries, called ensaimadas. Read the rest of this entry →

Pumpkin Recipe No2 0

Posted on November 02, 2011 by Samantha Ford

Pumpkin Hummus

(Makes 1kg with enough to freeze small quantities for up to one month)

Pumpkin puree used in the preparation of the hummus
This pumpkin recipe is used to create a delicious dip for crisps and fresh vegetables.







Read the rest of this entry →

Delicious Pumpkin Soup Recipe 2

Posted on November 01, 2011 by Samantha Ford

Pumpkin and Mixed Vegetable Soup

(Makes 3 ½ ltrs – enough to eat and freeze in batches)

Pumpkin Soup, a delicious winter warmer


Our gardening chef has been hard at work trying out some new recipes this week so that we can give you some helpful clues on what to do with the contents of your pumpkins and squashes (hopefully you haven’t thrown everything away??). We are always surprised at how many people don’t realise that there’s so much more to pumpkins than just turning them into lanterns, and we hope that our short series of recipes will go some way to changing this for some of you.


The first of these is an easy pumpkin soup recipe that can be adapted to taste with the vegetables that you have. Read the rest of this entry →

Want to know what to do with all those Courgettes? 1

Posted on September 02, 2010 by Original Touch Seeds

There's always a courgette hiding away , growing ...

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? After weeks of lovingly nurturing those courgette plants, and eagerly anticipating the first fruits of our labours, we all arrive at that point where, no matter what we do, and how diligently we harvest, they just keep coming, and there’s always one ‘escape artist’ which manages to conceal itself somewhere at the back of the vegetable garden just getting bigger and bigger.

So, now you have too many courgettes growing in the vegetable garden  and have no more ideas on what to do with them all, even if you had enough time to cook and eat them all before the next generations of fruit turn into marrows!

We have compiled a few ideas here to lift you out of your misery!  plus, our Gardening Chef is beavering away in the kitchen preparing some recipes which will soon follow. You can subscribe here, if you’d like them sent direct to your inbox as soon as we have them. Read the rest of this entry →

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