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Help for local Gardening Clubs 0

Posted on September 01, 2010 by Original Touch Seeds

Two ICB containers take pride of place alongside the school garden shed

We were very pleased recently to be able to supply two large water containers to a local school gardening group here in Lincolnshire.  The ‘IBC’ containers each hold upto 1000-litres of water and are being used to store rainwater that is being collected from a number of areas around the school.  The leaders of the gardening group were delighted  receive the storage containers as they had been unable to locate a tap near to the vegetable planting area and  a huge chunk of the gardening lessons was being taken upjust carrying water to the vegetable plots.  This was a problem for the older children but almost impossible for the younger ones.  The school was also unable to utilise a ‘standard’ water butt so these have really helped them out as well as allowing the group to be a little more green by using rainwater. Read the rest of this entry →

Who’s stolen our River? 0

Posted on July 26, 2010 by Original Touch Seeds

Environmental concerns in Lincolnshire

This is the sight that residents of a local Lincolnshire village faced this morning, a dry river bed.  In less than 48-hours this river had gone from flowing to nothing.  Obviously everything that lived in the river is now dead and there are concerns about the future and how long it will be before there is any water again.  Whilst this has happened before, during very long dry spells, it has not happened for many years and residents of Welton are very concerened as recent weather has been cool and rainfall has been quite high so there is not much hope that any water will return during August when temperatures will probably be higher and rainfall lower.

So where is the water? Read the rest of this entry →

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