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Tomatoes don’t get sweeter than this – Gran Brix

Posted on March 05, 2012 by Original Touch Seeds

We have managed to secure a small supply of the seeds of “Gran Brix” a very special tomato F1 variety from Spain with the sweetest taste.

Brix is a measure sugar content where  °Bx,  is equivalent to percentage of sugar in solution. This measure of sugar content is commonly used in the wine  and fruit industries, to give an indication of the quality of the fruit (it is also a handy guide to the potential alcohol content which may be achieved by fermenting the fruit – which is always useful to know!)

To give you an idea of what that means in tomato terms :- your typical mass produced (supermarket) tomatoes can range from 2-3 °Bx. As we all know, if you have ever bothered to try them,  they can be a bit short of  aroma and taste. Tomatoes which measure as high as 6-8 °Bx tend to be  known as the very sweet tomato varieties.

So when we tell you that the  Gran Brix tomato weighs in at a hefty 9.5 °Bx,  you will not be surprised at our claim that this an outstandingly sweet tomato variety. It follows then, that, at such high quality, it is very hard to find any other tomato that can come even close to its taste.

Not content with being the sweetest tomato known to mankind, Gran Brix is highly resistant to pests and disease. It also has very good keeping ans storage qualities. Gran Brix is a vigorous plant, quick growing and over a very long period produces bright red, firm cherry fruit that is resistant to cracking.  Average fruit weight 15 – 18 grams.

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