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Gardening Tips for March

Posted on February 27, 2012 by Gardening Guru


The Hellebore, sometimes known as the 'Lenten Rose' often puts in an appearance at this time of year

If you followed my February gardening advice  by covering your soil to encourage early weeds, they can be removed as they appear.  Ensure that you lift the roots of pernicious weeds, such as nettles, thistles, ground elder etc and do not compost them.  Nettle shoots can be rotted in water to make a concentrated plant feed.

Start lawn care in the spring and sow fresh  grass seed .  Early mowing should only top the grass to prevent damage, lowering the blades gradually to the normal summer cutting height.  Make sure the mower is greased and blades are sharp.  Continue to remove leaves and rubbish from the lawn as well as the rest of the garden.

Start to turn the compost pile.  Prune perennial bushes before spring growth and make sure that they are labelled well when they are easily visible.  Prepare seed beds.  The soil should crumble easily if you left them exposed to frost as I advised.

Structures for climbing varieties should be in place soon, ready for transplanting seedlings.  Peas can be supported by old twigs.  Start to harden off seedlings in trays and potted plants towards the end of the month by taking them outdoors on warmer days.  The same is true of early sowings indoors of peas and broad beans.  Take covers off any forced crops to prevent weakening of the plants.  Feed fruit bushes. 

On warm days, the greenhouse should be ventilated by opening windows on the sheltered side and plants sprayed.  Seedlings can be pricked out as they grow.

Several gardening events will help us to get prepared from this month and I am looking forward to attending the Edible Garden Show on the 16th to 18th March at Soneleigh in Warwickshire  where Lincolnshire chef Rachel Green will also be presenting.  The Flower Power plant fair takes place on the 25th March at Holme Pierrepont Hall in Nottingham.

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